LASer Vision Correction

Making the right choice for your LASIK procedure can make all the difference in the world… in both your vision and your life.

At Angelo Eye Center, we know choosing to have LASIK is a huge decision.

See Clearly Without The Hassle Of Contacts Or Glasses

LASIK Surgery Houston

Here’s more good news. Our LASIK procedure takes only a few minutes to complete and patients remain awake and comfortable during the entire procedure. We offer the latest laser technology and techniques by uniquely qualified surgeons who have performed tens of thousands of procedures combined. As you continue your research about LASIK and vision correction procedures, here are a few more facts to keep in mind about Angelo Eye Center:

  • Short recovery time. Patients can have surgery on a Friday and return to work on Monday. This is a result of faster laser treatment times, proper pre-op procedures, minimally-invasive laser treatments and a proven regimen of post-op care.
  • Quick & comfortable procedure. Using our advanced all-laser iLASIK technique, the actual laser treatment time is 60-seconds or less, with patients reporting little to no discomfort.
  • A LASIK Partner You Can Trust. Unlike corporate or discount LASIK providers, Angelo Eye Center has been helping keep Texans focused for over 12 years. Our tradition of ‘Eye Care Excellence’ was founded on award-winning customer service, experienced surgeons you can trust and being an eye care provider you can count on for ALL of your eye care needs. While we won’t offer deep discounted pricing, we do offer all of our patients one price for state-of-the-art technology and in-house financing as well as some of the most-competitive rates by CareCredit and other organizations.

LASIK for Nearsighted, Farsighted & Astigmatism

Each year, more than a million people undergo LASIK to surgically treat their nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism and become glasses-free. No more contacts or glasses, no more hassle! While LASIK is not typically used to correct presbyopia or age-related reading-vision in patents ages 45+, there are additional options such as monovision and exciting advances in lens alternatives for ages 45+.

Your LASIK Experience

Our LASIK procedures are performed in the comfort and safety of a specially designed laser suite at Angelo Eye Center. To help reduce possible risks and complications, factors such as humidity, temperature and overall air quality are closely monitored and maintained.

Upon arrival, you and your guest will be invited into our internal waiting room. You meet with the surgeon, who will provide a final exam and answer any questions you or your guest may have. The preparation and ‘relaxation’ takes the majority of time, then the laser correction begins – 60 seconds or less – in reality.

Step 1 – Pre-Op Exam & Questions
Step 2 – LASIK pre-operative area to help you relax and prepare for your procedure
Step 3 – Enter Laser Suite for two-step procedure: flap-creation and laser correction.
Step 4 – Post-Op Exam & Instructions – most patients exclaim they can already see!

Our Technology – The Choice for iLASIK

When considering your vision correction procedure, it is important to understand exactly what kind of treatment you will receive. iLASIK is the combination of two lasers used during the vision correction procedure. Step one creates the flap with Intralase (iFS), step two reshapes the cornea with the VISX Star S4 laser.

Your LASIK “Prescription” – As Unique as Your DNA

Since the late 1990s, conventional LASIK has been the procedure of choice for surgeons worldwide in their effort to reduce and eliminate the public’s dependence on corrective eyewear. In conventional LASIK, the patient’s prescription is simply entered into the laser for treatment.

Today, leading surgeons, like our doctors, are taking LASIK to the next level with CustomVue™, a Wavefront-Guided Custom laser procedure approved by the FDA. During the CustomVue procedure, diagnostic information gathered during the WaveFront scanning process is fed directly into our VISX Star S4 eye-tracking laser.

Just like your fingerprint and DNA, the information fed into the laser is unique to your eyes only. Each of your eyes will receive its own custom laser procedure, where no two custom procedures in the world are identical.

For corneal reshaping, we use the VISX Star S4 eye-tracking laser with Iris Registration. Eye-tracking means that the laser shifts with the eye as it follows the landmarks on the eye. Iris Registration is a non-contact method for aligning the advanced CustomVue procedure. We are able to take photos of landmarks on each individual’s iris so that the laser correctly centers and aligns the treatment on the iris. With Iris Registration, there is no possibility of treating a wrong eye or the wrong patient.

Flap Creation – 5th Generation Intralase (iFS) Laser Techonology

Some practices still use a mechanical, bladed device called a microkeratome to create the flap. With the bladed style microkeratome there was an increased risk of complications such as corneal abrasions, irregular flaps, as well as button-hole flaps. The Intralase laser has 3x more flap stability than a microkeratome-created flap.

We are proud to include the 5th Generation iFS Laser in all of our laser vision correction cases. Ask your eye doctor for more information and which locations offer this technology.

Our Technology Has Proven Results

  • Faster visual recovery
  • Fewer dry eye symptoms
  • Allowed by NASA and the U.S. Military where precise vision is demanded


Angelo Eye Center is a network affiliate of EyeLasik Midland.   Lasik patients have all of their pre-op and post-op appointments with Dr. Blankenship.   The actual surgery is performed in Midland, Texas with experienced Lasik Eye Surgeons from Austin, Texas.   We offer FREE LASIK consultations to determine if you are a candidate for Lasik.